CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

Brisbane CCTV drain camera inspectionsViewing the line:

To determine the exact location of any problems in a drain (i.e. tree root entry, open pipe joins or squashed/damaged pipework) requires viewing the line internally with the CCTV drain camera. All video footage is kept on memory card/USB which can be kept in our office or by the customer. Here you can see a still shot of a CCTV drain camera inspection which clearly shows that at this point in the drain there is tree root entry. The equipment also detects how far down the drain it is to assist with determining where the pipe is located.

Locating the pipework:

Carrying out a CCTV drain camera inspection not only allows us to view the line internally but to locate the exact position of the pipework within the ground including its depth. When the camera is inserted in the drain, a locating device held above ground detects its location and allows us to accurately plot out a map of the pipework at the property. This can be especially helpful if a fault within the pipework is found under a paved or concreted area as we can then remove only the necessary pavers/concrete to carry out the repair and therefore minimising mess and reducing the disturbance to the area.

We generally recommend a CCTV drain camera inspection be undertaken if there are continual blockages in a drain. Once a drain camera inspection has been carried out we can make an informed recommendation for a short, medium or long term solutions.

If you would like any more information or to book a drain camera inspection please visit our contact us page or give us a call on 3878 4444.