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New Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems with 10 year warranty

Rheem has released a new range of electric hot water systems. After over a year in the making they unveiled their new 491 series and 492 series.

Rheem 491 series hot water system

All About Blocked Drains

Yes it's a dirty job but whether it is sewer, septic/sullage or stormwater, clearing blocked drains is a daily task for our plumbers at Conrad Martens Plumbing & Hot Water.

Brisbane Blocked Drain ClearingQuestion: What causes a blocked drain?

Answer: We encounter many different causes of blocked drains so here's just a few.

Brisbane Winter and your Hot Water System

Once again, the weather in Brisbane is cooling down which brings to all our attention the importance of having reliable hot water. Winter is generally our busiest time of year for hot water related matters as all of our hot water systems are experiencing a sharp increase in use which may cause them to fail or exacerbate any pre-existing issues.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Our licensed plumbers have now the accreditation to provide a full maintenance, testing and replacement service for all types of Thermostatic Mixing Valves.

As these valve are commonly installed in health care facilities to prevent scalding, it is imperative that they are serviced regularly to guard against failure. We can provide a scheduled maintenance service and contact you when your valves require testing.

Backflow Prevention Testing

Our Plumber who specialises in backflow prevention is fully licensed to install and service backflow prevention devices. 

Backflow devices are required to be installed at certain premises to prevent contaminants from entering the water supply. To ensure the valves are working correctly, they are also required to be tested on a yearly basis. Our specialist will carry out the necessary test and provide two copies of the test certification (one for the Council, other for the client).

Changes to Building & Plumbing laws

The Department of Housing and Public Works has advised that as of 1st February 2013, the laws mandating the installation of a 5 star efficient hot water system to  existing homes located in a reticulated natural gas area have been repealed. These repeals also extend to the laws mandating the installation of energy efficient hot water systems and rainwater tanks etc. to new homes.

Hot water system competitive pricing - comparing Apples for Apples

When Conrad Martens Plumbing & Hot Water submits quotes for hot water system replacement we always provide an exact specification for the installation and materials required. We comply with minimum manufacturer's specification for warranty and Queensland legislation. It is often ambiguous how some companies will quote 'new valves as necessary' and then reuse old valves. Reusing old valve will make the quote appear cheaper but will affect any future warranty claims and ongoing maintenance.

Notifiable Work and Form 4

As of 1st November 2012, a new category of plumbing and drainage work was introduced in Queensland. This category called 'notifiable work' extends the amount of work a plumber and drainer can perform without a local government permit or mandatory inspections.

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