Backflow Prevention, RPZ and Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Hot Water Valve BrisbaneValves:

When replacing valves we use RMC and AVG valves due to their proven reliability, quality and value. Both manufacturers provide a wide range of valves to suit all situations (e.g. dishwashers, fridges, major renovations) including expansion control valves, tempering valves and non-return valves.


Backflow Prevention Devices:

Backflow Testing Services BrisbaneBackflow prevention devices, dual check valves, vacuum breaker valves and RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone devices) valves require testing to ensure contaminated sources do not enter the water supply. To ensure devices operate effectively and protect the water supply from backflow, most councils require devices to be tested annually. Our accredited licensed plumber can test your devices and complete a test report which is then submitted directly to your council. We are also licenced to install and repair these devices where required e.g swimming pools, childcare centres, schools, sports grounds, shopping centres, household sprinkler systems etc. We have access to diagrams of every make and model of RPZ valves, dual check valves and vacuum breaker valves on the market. We keep record of when annual tests are due and contact you before proceeding.

Different types of backflow prevention devices:

  • RPZ valves  (Reduced Pressure Zone devices)
  • Dual check valves
  • Vacuum breaker valves


Thermostatic Mixing Valves:

Thermostatic mixing valves precisely mix hot and cold water which is controlled by a thermostatic element/sensor set to a preselected temperature. They are commonly installed in health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes to prevent scalding.

Their design includes a thermal shut down component which prevents scalding in the event of a valve failure. To reduce the possibility of failure during operation, these valves require servicing on a regular basis.  We can implement a regular servicing schedule and submit a commissioning/maintenance reports upon completion.

Our accredited licensed plumbers also provide a full maintenance and replacement service for all types of Thermostatic Mixing Valves.

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