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Just 4 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD is the leafy suburb of St Lucia which includes St Lucia South. Due to the suburb comprising of mainly residential properties and its close proximity to our office, St Lucia is one of the suburbs that our plumbers frequent the most. This is also compounded by the high number of rental properties situated in the vicinity of the University of Queensland which is also located in St Lucia. Many houses and apartments within St Lucia are in close proximity to the Brisbane River making it a popular suburb for many professionals.

The area of St Lucia was originally part of Indooroopilly and later part of the suburb of Toowong. The name St Lucia was derived from the name of a sugar plantation in the area in the 1800s and when it was later subdivided, the name St Lucia remained for the subdivision.  The historic primary school, Ironside State School, opened in St Lucia in 1870 however at this time it was known as Toowong State School.  It was later renamed to Ironside after the neighbouring estate. St Lucia is an education precinct due to its close proximity to the University of Queensland and many of the surrounding schools. St Lucia also has a number of heritage listed sites including the Great Court at the University of Queensland, the Union College, Langer House and Vida and Jayne Lahey’s House. 

St Lucia 4067 Brisbane

Working extensively in this suburb has provided our tradesmen with a depth of knowledge on the plumbing issues associated with the area. For example, one such common issue in St Lucia is the high water pressure. To combat excessive high water pressure to a property a common solution is to install a pressure reduction valve. This can not only reduce the pressure of the water but can also provide the additional advantaging of assisting to reduce water consumption.

If you live in the St Lucia area and need a reliable, prompt service for your plumbing, hot water and gas fitting issues please contact us

We also service the surrounding areas including:

Toowong, Taringa, Indooroopilly, Yeronga, Fairfield and Dutton Park

Our services include:

Hot Water

Repairs, replacements and installations of electric, heat pump, gas storage and gas instantaneous hot water systems. Solar hot water system repairs and maintenance.

Gas Fitting

Gas appliance repairs, replacements and installations. Full gas fitting service including gas pipework installation & repairs and gas leak detection.

Burst Pipes & Leak Detection

Repairs and replacements of burst or damaged water lines. Water leak detections and pipe locating service. 

Blocked Drains

Clearing of blocked internal and external drains and pipework including sewer and stormwater lines.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

To pinpoint the exact location of any problems in your drains we can view the line with the drain camera. We can then assess the best solution e.g. ongoing maintenance, replacement or sleeving.

Taps & Toilets

Repairs, servicing and replacement of all taps and toilets.  Water efficiency testing and installation of water saving devices.

Garbage Disposal Units, Dishwashers, Fridges and Water Purifiers

Repairs and replacement of garbage disposal units, dishwashers, ice-maker fridges and water purifiers.

Water Efficiency Testing

If you have a rental property in St Lucia you may be able to charge the tenants for their water consumption. This can only be done if the property complies with the RTA's standards for water charging. Our plumbers can carry out an inspection of the property and test the water flow rates of all the applicable fixtures. If the property complies, a water efficiency certificate will be issued as proof of compliance. In addition, if you are concerned about the water consumption at your home, a water efficiency test can determine which fixtures are wasting water and provide solutions for water saving.

Roofing & Guttering

All guttering, roofing and stormwater repairs and replacements

Backflow Devices

Testing, repairs and installations of backflow prevention devices

If you're in St Lucia and require urgent attention we can gurantee same day service. For afterhours advice we also provide an emergency service Please give us a call!

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