Local Bardon Plumber

Local Bardon Plumber and Gas Fitter

Conrad Martens Plumbing & Hot Water has a long history providing Bardon with affordable and reliable plumbing solutions. Our experienced team of plumbers and gas fitters are both knowledgeable and local to the area. We pride ourselves on our ability to reliably deliver quality workmanship and an affordable price.  Through over 35+ years service in Bardon, we have established a large referral base of repeat business from private owners, real estates and body corporates alike.

Located at the base of Mt Cootha, Bardon is characterised by large blocks and Queenslander Houses. Due to the area being predominantly older style houses, common plumbing issues include; blocked drains, leaking taps and toilets. The use of earthenware drainage in the area is also susceptible to root entry and ground movement which creates the need for regular drain cleaning. Following a routine drain clean, we can provide options to jet rod, camera, sleave or repair drainage as required.

With over 20 plumbers, drainers, gas fitters and hot water specialists, Conrad Martens Plumbing & Hot Water is capable of tackling any maintenance plumbing problem. Our Bardon plumbers use specialised vehicles equipped with plumbing stock suitable for your specific job.  Using our support network of specialised and licenced tradespeople, were able to provide fast and affordable solutions.  If you have leaking taps, toilets, or a blocked drain, request a maintenance plumber. For specialised problems such as water heaters, gas fitting and appliance installation or leak detection, request a specialist.

Conrad Martens Plumbing Service’s close proximity to Bardon allows us to provide a lightning fast response.  Our mission for 100% customer satisfaction means every job is backed up by a workmanship guarantee. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly office staff for availability or technical support.

Blocked drains

Call 3878 4444 for an all hours emergency drain cleaning service to rectify sewer and stormwater drain problems. Utilising specialised drain clearing equipment we provide a range of drain cleaning solutions; including clearing, repairing and replacing sewer and storm water lines. Our close proximity to Bardon allows us to provide a unrivalled response time to the area.

Burst Pipes & Leak Detection

Using state of the art technology, our leak detection unit is capable of identifying and locating waters leaks of all shapes and sizes. Whether underground, in slab or behind a wall, through expertise and experience we can pinpoint the location of a leak using non-intuitive measures. If you are experiencing a burst pipe or emergency water leak, our rapid response will ensure any damage or water wastage is kept to a minimum.

Hot Water

Our team of water specialists undergo rigorous product training for electric, gas, heat pump and solar hot water units. Each technician carries plumbing, gas and restricted electrical licences, to save you the need to engage multiple contractors. Specialised vehicles are also used which carry a wide range of water heater components.

CCTV drain camera 

Do you have reoccurring blocked drains? Whilst clearing a drain provides short term relief, it does not address the cause of the problem. Using a specialised CCTV drain camera, it’s possible to survey the condition of drainage pipes. Once assessed, it’s possible to locate any breakages and provide cost effective options for repair and replacement. Click the above link for more information.

Taps, Toilets and Water Saving

Taps and toilets are our bread and butter. With a wealth of experience, Conrad Martens Plumbing & Hot Water can repair or replace just about any fixture under the sun. We stock a wide range of tap washers, toilet rubbers, fittings and mixer cartages. With over 35+ years’ experience you can guarantee we’ve seen it all before.

Backflow Prevention Testing  & Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Conrad Martens Plumbing and Hot Water are licensed to test, repair, replace and install backflow prevention devices, RPZ valves, duel check valves and thermostatic mixing valves.

Gas Fitting

We are gas fitting specialists covering everything from appliance servicing to gas leaks and service installations. Compliance and expertise of the upmost importance when working with dangerous gasses. All our gas fitters carry and open licence and regularly undergo training to .  Use a reliable gas fitter that you can trust to do the job safe and correct.

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