CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

Viewing the line:

CCTV drain camera inspections are used to determine the exact location of any problems in a drain. They can be used to inspect tree root entry, open pipe joins and squashed/damaged pipework. Here you can see a still shot of a CCTV drain camera inspection which shows tree root entry. Drain camera inspections are a invaluable tool which allow diagnosis and location without major excavation. All video footage is kept on file and is available on request.

Locating the pipework:

CCTV drain inspections allow us to locate the position and depth of damaged pipe within a plumbing system. When the camera is inserted in the drain, a locating device held above ground detects its location and allows us to accurately plot out a map of the pipework at the property. This can be especially helpful if a fault within the pipework is found under a paved or concreted area as we can then remove only the necessary pavers/concrete to carry out the repair and therefore minimising mess and reducing the disturbance to the area.

We generally recommend a CCTV drain camera inspection be undertaken if there are continual blockages in a drain. Once a drain camera inspection has been carried out we can make an informed recommendation for a short, medium or long term solutions.

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