CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

Our specialised CCTV unit has over 35 years experience locating, assessing and repairing drainage systems.


Viewing the line:

CCTV drain camera inspections are used to determine the condition of  sewage or storm water system. Using a flexible drainage camera, we can assess tree root entry, open pipe joins and squashed/damaged pipework. This is an invaluable tool which allows us to diagnose and locate without the need for excavation. Using state of the art monitoring gear, our drain camera inspections produce high quality images with depth indication. The photograph on the right is a typical example of tree root entry, taken from one of our CCTV drain camera inspections.

Locating the pipework:

CCTV drain inspections allow us to locate the position and depth of damaged pipe within a plumbing system. When the camera is inserted in the drain, a locating device held above ground detects its location and allows us to accurately plot out a map of the pipework at the property. This can be especially helpful if a fault within the pipework is found under a paved or concreted area as we can then remove only the necessary pavers/concrete to carry out the repair and therefore minimising mess and reducing the disturbance to the area. All video footage and history is kept on file and is available on request.

We generally recommend a CCTV drain camera inspection be undertaken if there are continual blockages in a drain. Once a drain camera inspection has been carried out we can make an informed recommendation for a short, medium or long term solutions.

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