Brisbane Drain Cleaners – How We Unblock and Clear Drains

How We Unblock Drains – Brisbane’s Trusted Drain Cleaner

With over 40 years’ experience as drain cleaners, Conrad Martens Plumbing Service is Brisbane’s trusted plumber of choice.  Our team of drainage specialists are ready to assist whenever a clogged drain may arise. Whether you are experiencing a blocked kitchen sink, clogged sink or tub or an overflowing drain pipe, our team of emergency plumbers have the know-how to provide a fast and effective solution.  We regularly clear blockages of all shapes and sizes, from minor paper and hair blockages to severe grease and root intrusions.  As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on providing the best price, service and advice possible. But don’t listen to us click here to see our customer reviews.

Electrical Eel Or Rooter

The electric eel, electric drain cleaner, or drain snake is often our plumbers’ weapon of choice when facing a blockage. It is an extremely versatile tool which uses a powerful electric engine to clear blockages in sewer and stormwater pipes. The electric eel cuts through tree roots, grease, leaves and build-ups of soil using a variety of rotating cutting heads. Our ability to interchange cutting heads and drainage cables allows us to use this piece of equipment across a range of applications.  It can be operated inside or outside and is perfect for pan lifts and rodding down inspection openings. To combat drains of all shapes and sizes, we also have small drain cleaner machines which can clear urinals and trade wastes.  Because of its versatility,  the drain snake is often the first line of defence when faced with a blocked drain.

Hand Clearing

Plungers are an essential part of our plumbers’ toolkit.  Despite contrary belief, plungers come in a range of different sizes and designs depending on their application.  The most common types which we use for daily maintenance include the traditional sink plunger, toilet plunger and D.T. plunger. A hand plunger is an ideal tool for breaking up a build-up of food in the drain trap under the kitchen sink. Toilet plungers can be the perfect remedy against paper blockages in a trap. Lastly, D.T. plungers are trade specific tools designed to fit down floor wastes and dis-connector traps. Despite the range of shapes and sizes, all Plungers operate on the same principle, utilising a build-up of air pressure to force debris downstream.

Toilet augers are a specialised drain cleaner designed for clearing toilets via a hand operated cable. The main advantage of this tool is that its hollow tube attached to an elbow fitting is covered in rubber ensuring no damage occurs to the toilet when clearing.

Sani-snakes or hand spinners are useful tools when dealing with grease blockages and trade wastes. This tool is essentially a manually operated electric eel. Sani-snakes are operated by simultaneously rotating a lever handle while feeding the wire cable down the drain.

Trade strength drain cleaning fluid such as Moflo may be also be used as a last resort. Moflo is a sulfuric acid based drain opener designed to dissolve substances such as cloth, paper, grease, rags, sanitary napkins, hair, paper, soap sludge, and coffee grounds. It is highly effective when used in pvc pipes, floor wastes, bathtubs, sinks, showers, and other drains prone to clogging. Our plumbers are environmentally conscious and always try to use drain cleaner fluid sparingly.

Jet Rodding

Jet rodding is a powerful drain cleaning system that uses a sewer nozzle to remove debris and grease from the walls of the sewer line. The Jet rodder’s high-pressure head blasts the entire inside surface of the pipe cutting through debris. Different length hoses and nozzles can be used to change the reach and pressure of the jet rodder. This form of drain clearing will cut through any blockage including tree roots, grease and grime. Once cleared, it may be possible to line the inside of the pipe to prevent further blockages.

How to Unblock a Drain? Call us!

Conrad Martens Plumbing Service has a wealth of experience in emergency maintenance plumbing and drain cleaning. If you would like to speak with a licensed tradesperson for advice on your blocked drain, do not hesitate to contact us on 3878 4444.

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