Garbage Disposal Units, Dishwashers, Fridges & Water Purifiers

Garbage Disposal Units

Garbage disposal units are a clean, hygienic, convenient way of disposing food waste. We specialise in repairing, unblocking/unjamming and replacing all brands of garbage disposal units. If the garbage disposal unit is no longer required we will remove it and install a bypass.


Our plumbers can replace dishwashers and repair or replace the plumbing fixtures (e.g. stop taps, inlet hose, outlet hose and water service).


When installing an ice-maker fridge a plumber is required to connect a cold water supply to the fridge. A new cold water service is then run from the nearest existing cold water line to the ice-maker fridge. In some instances it is also necessary to install a pressure limiting valve to the fridge water service.

Water Purifiers and Filters

As people are becoming more aware of the importance of water quality, there is an increase in demand for water purifiers. Our plumbers install water filters and replace filter cartridges in all under-sink water purifiers.

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