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Conrad Martens Plumbing are Brisbane hot water plumbers with over 35 years’ experience. Our specialised hot water department service electric, gas, heat pump and solar water heaters. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, same day service at a competitive price. For all your local hot water heater needs, including repairing and replacing your hot water system, call Conrad Martens Plumbing & Hot Water.

  • ‘Preferred plumber’ for major water heater manufacturers Rheem and Dux.
  • We Service all types of water heaters (Gas, Electric, Solar and Heat Pump hot water systems).
  • Expert advice and a wide range of replacement hot water Brisbane options.
  • We hold plumbing, gas and restricted electrical licenses. Saving money and time on multiple contractors.
  • Our vehicles stock a wide range of valves, electrical and gas components for a range of hot water system brands.
  • We have in-depth product knowledge and experience in technical service scenarios.
  • Workmanship guarantee and full warranty service on all new hot water system installations.
  • All hot water system installations come with a Form 4, electrical certificate of test and/or gas certificate.
  • We guarantee to beat any written quote for hot water heater installation.


Hot Water Brisbane

Brisbane’s Residential, Real Estate, Body Corporate and Commercial hot water specialists.

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For the best price, service and advice on hot water systems.

We offer fast Brisbane hot water for servicing and repairing new and old hot water systems such as Rheem, Saxon, Bosch, Zip, Aquamax, Solahart, Dux, Vulcan, Rinnai, Raypak, Edwards, Beasley, Edson, Quantum, Chromagen, Stiebel Eltron, Nickel Engineering, Suntrac, Bayard /Chaffoteaux, Turbon, Junkers, Pyrox Vaillant, Coppermatic, Everdure and Braemar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of hot water systems?

The four most common hot water systems in Australia are electric, gas, heat pump and solar.

Electric storage hot water systems are affordable, reliable and typically carry between 7-12 years warranty.

Gas hot water systems come in two types; storage or continuous flow. These systems work on either natural (metered) or L.P.G. (bottled) gas.

Heat Pumps are energy-efficient systems that work on ambient air temperature.

Solar hot water systems come in two configurations; Hi-line Solar are stand-alone systems that sit on top of a roof, while Lo-line Solar consists of a tank on the ground and solar collectors on the roof.

Some key considerations for selecting the right hot water system include capacity, installation cost, running cost, warranty and reliability. To speak to one of our hot water specialists, please get in touch with our office on 3878 4444.

What brands of hot water systems do you recommend?

We work with the leading Hot Water brands and provide unbiased advice. Our team of hot water specialists can provide a range of replacement options depending on your budget and situation. The most common brands we install include Aquamax, Bosch, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai and Vulcan.

How much does it cost to replace a hot water system?

The cost of a new hot water system depends entirely on the type of system you want, the size of the storage tank, and the hot water heater brand. If you need help deciding on the hot water system that will suit you best, our friendly office staff will be happy to walk you through the benefits and pricing of different options.

Can you deliver and install a replacement hot water system today?

We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service and can offer same day hot water repair or hot water replacement in Brisbane.

Will you remove our old hot water system after the installation of a new one?

As part of our standard hot water installation, we will remove and dispose of your existing unit.

Can my hot water system be Repaired?

Hot water systems have several components which can be repaired, including thermostats, elements, valves, thermocouples, connectors and pumps. Depending on the age and condition of the unit, these components are usually a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole system.

What happens if my hot water system can’t be repaired?

If the storage tank has burst or is not economical to repair, a replacement hot water system will be required. Our team of hot water specialists can recommend an appropriate replacement unit and arrange for an affordable, same day hot water replacement.

What is Form 4?

As licensed plumbers, we are required to submit a Form 4 to the local council for any hot water system that is replaced. Form 4 ensures that any part of the water service to and from the house is carried out according to the highest standards and could be subject to a random auditing process. All our hot water system installations come with a Form 4, electrical certificate and/or gas certificate for gas hot water systems.

What are your payment terms?

Conrad Martens offer 7-day accounts with easy payment options for all hot water system repairs and replacements. Tax invoices are emailed or posted upon completion of the job. We accept all major payment methods, including cash, cheque, direct deposit, EFTPOS, VISA, and Mastercard.

What temperature should my hot water system be set to?

Hot water systems must be set to above 60° Celsius to prevent the growth of bacteria such as Legionella.

Does the hot water system installation come with insulation and lagging?

Insulation is an essential part of a hot water system installation, not only because it is needed to be compliant but also for energy efficiency. The inlet and outlet pipes to the hot water tank are insulated with pipe lagging, while any hot water valves require insulation.

What is a Tariff?

Electric hot water systems can be installed on a controlled timer, which affects the cost of the power supplied.

Continuous (light and power) – This is a common setting for small electrical hot water systems which require on-demand heating. Power is charged at a flat rate and is always available.

Tariff 31 (night rate) – Suitable for large storage hot water units.  This option provides the cheapest power; however, it is only available during low demand periods (approx. 8 hours a day). 

Tariff 33 (off peak) – Suitable for mid-sized storage hot water units.  Power is delivered at a discounted rate for approximately 18 hours per day. 

For more information, we recommend contacting your energy provider.

Why do some online prices for hot water system installation seem so cheap?

We strongly recommend exercising caution when shopping around for hot water prices online. Before engaging anyone to complete a hot water installation, check the inclusions and confirm the installation will meet Queensland installation requirements.

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We have the experience, know how and passion to ensure your family enjoys warm showers without any interruptions. We proudly service Brisbane wide and can install or repair your hot water system Brisbane with short notice. Whether you have an electric hot water systems, or are in need of a hot water system replacement, or even removal of an existing hot water system – our team has got you covered.

If you are looking for the best prices and service on a new hot water system Brisbane, a same day repair, or simply an upgrade for your growing family, then call our team today.