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Leaking Taps – Plumbing Maintenance

Your leaky taps could be wasting more than just water! We all know a slow drip can dramatically affect the water efficiency of your home. Before long, it will quickly add up to a large water bill. If a tap is leaking water, difficult to isolate or seized up, it may require urgent attention. Conrad Martens Plumbing specialises in plumbing maintenance. We are strategically positioned to provide fast, cost-effective solutions to leaking taps throughout Brisbane. Our team of experienced emergency plumbers carry a wide range of washers, mixer cartridges and replacement taps. Don’t delay, give our team a call to fix your leaking taps today.

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Style of Tapware

Taps come in a range of types and styles depending on their application. The most common styles seen in Brisbane include compression taps, mixer taps and garden taps. Each style of tap operates in a different way and requires a unique set of parts to be serviced. Whilst compression taps and mixer taps are generally repairable, lever taps and quarter turn taps are notorious for ongoing problems. Our Brisbane plumbers carry a range of replacement parts and specialised tools for tap repairs. If you have mixer taps, ceramic disc, or quarter turn taps, we are also able to obtain specialised parts and carry out the necessary repairs. If we determine that the tap requires replacement, we can make recommendations for replacement options and provide cost effective plumbing solutions. No matter what style of leaking taps, Conrad Martens Plumbing Service can provide a cost effective outcome.


Compression Tap Service

Our standard compression tap repairs consist of re-seating the combination, greasing the spindle and replacing the tap washers. This includes the body washers, jumper valves and o-rings. This ensures a smooth operation while providing a lasting fix against leaks. If you have mixer taps, ceramic disc, or quarter turn taps, we are also able to obtain their specialised parts and carry out the necessary repairs.


Mixer Tap Service

Leaking mixer taps are typically caused by a blown mixer tail or a faulty mixer cartridge. Unfortunately, the result of a blown water connection can be extremely inconvenient. We recommend monitoring the condition of the mixer tails annually to help prevent unwelcome surprises. Mixer cartridges are the mechanism inside a mixer tap which control the water supply. These parts can often be replaced with generic replacement or if necessary, replacement parts may need to be sourced.



In addition to worn components inside a tap, a leak can also be the result of the surface which the tap seals against. This surface is often referred to as a seat or combination. Using a re-seating tool, it is often possible to clean back and restore this brass surface to allow for a water-tight seal. If the seat is badly worn or damaged, however, it may be required to replace the combination.


Tapware Compatibility

Not all taps are the same. Depending on the pipe work behind the tap, finding a suitable replacement options may require the help of a professional. For example, compression style taps, ¼ turn taps and mixer taps cannot be interchanged without making alterations the pipework. Our Brisbane plumbers are experienced in converting tap types and selecting suitable replacement options.  If you would like some advice or information about replacement options, our team is happy to assist.


As maintenance plumbers, we are experienced in all types of tap repairs and replacements. From dripping tap repairs to installing water saving tapware. We are well equipped to fix all your maintenance plumbing needs. Please give our team a call to fix your leaking taps today.

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