Hot Water Systems Brisbane

Our qualified plumbers and gas fitters can install, service, relocate and repair all major brands of electric, gas, heat pump and solar hot water systems.

We have dedicated vehicles for hot water servicing that carry a wide range of valves, electrical and gas components, as well as specialised diagnostic equipment for fault finding.

As ‘preferred plumbers’ for major hot water manufactures Rheem and Dux, our tradesmen receive in depth product training and are experienced in technical service scenarios. Our skilled team of hot water specialists also hold plumbing, gas and restricted electrical licences, which saves you money on multiple contractors and ensures a quick, effective solution.

If your hot water system requires replacement, we will simplify the decision making process and determine which hot water system is best for your specific needs.

Brisbane Burst Pipe and Water Leak Detection

Burst pipes

Burst pipes often occur without warning. Our emergency service is available to promptly locate the source of the leak and carry out the necessary repairs. We have extensive experience in all pipework repairs and replacement including copper, galvanised, poly and PEX pipe.

Leak Detection

Using non-evasive diagnostic equipment, our leak detection unit can pin-point the source of concealed leaks. This process involves pressurising the water lines which forces air bubbles through the faulty section of pipework. With the use of the sophisticated sounding equipment, these air bubbles can be monitored to accurately detect the location of the problem. We are equipped with the latest technology and have experienced specialists with a wealth of field experience to ensure you receive the highest level of service.

Blocked Drains & CCTV Drain Camera

Clearing blocked drains

Our drain cleaning equipment is capable of clearing blocked sewer, septic/sullage and stormwater lines. Blocked drains are generally caused by tree roots, faulty joints, broken pipes or foreign objects that have entered the lines. If drains continually block or if due to the condition of the line it cannot be cleared, we recommend viewing the line with the CCTV drain camera.

CCTV drain camera

Our drainage specialists are equipped with CCTV camera technology to assess and locate damaged pipework. This process involves guiding the CCTV camera unit down the drain to provide vision from inside the pipe. Once the pipework is assessed, locating equipment can be used to determine the exact position and depth of the drain. This information is useful to determine the condition of the drain and assess whether repairs or replacement are required.

Brisbane Gas Fitter

Our qualified gas fitters are experienced in all fields of domestic

and light commercial repairs, replacement and installations:

– Gas hot water systems
– Gas ovens
– Gas cooktops
– Gas upright cookers
– Gas stoves
– Gas leak detection
– Gas pipework – repairs, replacement, and installation
– Gas regulators
– New LPG bottle installation
– New Natural Gas supply installation

Backflow Prevention, RPZ and Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Backflow Testing Services

Backflow prevention devices, dual check valves, vacuum breaker valves and RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone devices) valves require annual testing and certification to ensure contaminated sources do not enter the water supply. We are licensed to test, install and repair these devices where required (i.e. swimming pools, childcare centers, schools, sports grounds, shopping centers, household sprinkler systems etc.) We are experienced in maintaining and servicing these devices and have access to diagrams of every make and model of RPZ valves, dual check valves and vacuum breaker valves on the market. Contact us today for worry-free annual testing of your backflow prevention device.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Thermostatic mixing valves precisely mix hot and cold water which is controlled by a thermostatic element/sensor set to a preselected temperature. They are commonly installed in health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes to prevent scalding.

Their design includes a thermal shut down component which prevents scalding in the event of a valve failure. To reduce the possibility of failure during operation, these valves require servicing on a regular basis.  We can implement a regular servicing schedule and submit a commissioning/maintenance reports upon completion.

Taps, Toilets & Water Saving – Brisbane


As maintenance plumbers we have extensive experience in servicing, repairing and/or replacing all types of taps.

– Mixer taps
– Ceramic disc taps
– Diverter taps
– Shower roses
– Conversion taps
– Combinations


Our team of licensed plumbers fix all brands of leaking toilets on a daily basis. Whether repairing or replacing toilets, we always use parts from reliable manufacturers.

– Toilet suites
– Toilet cisterns
– Toilet pans
– Toilet water services
– Urinals

Accessories & PC items

– Vanity units
– Vanity basins
– Vanity cabinets
– Kitchen sinks
– Laundry tubs
– Grab rails
– Towel rails
– Toilet roll holders
– Toilet seats

Water Saving

Due to recent attention to the water supply throughout Australia, many customers are now more water conscious. As non-restricted tapware can waste a large amount of water, upgrading to water saving tapware can considerably reduce your water usage. We offer simple and cost effective solutions such as installing water-saving aerators, inline restrictors and water saving shower roses.

Water Efficiency Testing

Our plumbers are adept with the RTA’s (Residential Tenancies Authority) water efficiency compliance criteria and can issue certification that your property is water efficient. In most cases, properties can be made compliant by simply installing water saving aerators or flow discs and this can easily be carried out during our inspection.

Leaking Roof, Gutter & Downpipe Repairs

As maintenance plumbers, we specialise in roofing repairs and locating those hard to find roof leaks.

We have a team of plumbers who are proficient in all areas of roof maintenance and storm damage repairs, including tiles and roof sheet replacement. 

– Roofing
– Guttering
– Downpipes
– Rainwater tank connections
– Stormwater lines
– Rainwater tank pumps
– Cleaning gutters/downpipes
– Channel and grates
– Stormwater sumps

Garbage Disposal Units, Dishwashers, Fridges & Water Purifiers

Garbage Disposal Units

We specialise in repairing, unblocking/unjamming and replacing all brands of garbage disposal units. If the garbage disposal unit is no longer required we can remove it and install a bypass.


Our plumbers can replace dishwashers and repair or replace the plumbing fixtures (e.g. stop taps, inlet hose, outlet hose and water service).


When installing an ice-maker fridge a plumber is required to connect a cold water supply to the fridge. In some instances it is also necessary to install a pressure limiting valve to the fridge water service.

Water Purifiers and Filters

As people are becoming more aware of the importance of water quality, there is an increase in demand for water purifiers. Our plumbers install water filters and replace filter cartridges in all under-sink water purifiers.

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