Roofing and Guttering

Leaking Roof Repairs and Gutter Repairs

As maintenance plumbers, we specialise in all roofing & guttering repairs, locating those hard to find roof leaks and gutter cleaning. We have a great team of maintenance roofers available for all for tiled or metal roofing in Brisbane. With over 35 years’ experience servicing the roofs of Brisbane, you can trust we have seen it all! If you need a professional maintenance roofing company that can provide speedy service, give us a call now.

Brisbane Roof and Stormwater Repairs

Brisbane can experience extreme weather conditions which pose a risk to roofs. Flying debris, tree branches and strong winds are all possible causes of damage to our roofs. Although no one can control the weather, we can at least provide a prompt response. We offer high quality customer service to get your roof repaired as a matter of priority. All roof leak repairs should be carried out urgently to prevent further damage. Even small leaks can turn into a major job if left unchecked.  This can not only minimise the damage to aesthetic components (ceilings, wall sheeting and painting) but also prevent internal and major structural damage. 



Conrad Martens Plumbing Service specialise in:

✔️ Investigating roof and gutter leaks

✔️ Sealing of capping, flashings and roof sheets

✔️ Minor roof and guttering repairs

✔️ Blocked down pipes and stormwater lines

✔️ Cracked roof tiles and temporary repairs

✔️ Recommendations and photos

Unfortunately, we do not specialise in:

❌ Specialised access requirements

❌ Major roof and gutter restorations

❌ Roof and gutter design

❌ Tiled roofs, pointing and ridge capping

❌ Solar panel and air conditioning penetrations

Our team of maintenance roofing specialist are experienced on both metal and tile roofs. To determine the cause of a roof leak it is necessary to first carry out exploratory work. This involves assessing the roof can include hosing the roof area in an attempt to recreate the leak. Due to the time involved to do this, this work is carried out at our hourly labour rate. Once we have determined the cause of the leak, an obligation free quote can be provided for any repairs.

Roof Repairs

Your roof is a major structural part of your home or business so it makes sense to keep it well maintained. Regular maintenance can improve the longevity of your roof, postponing a full roof replacement or roof restoration. It’s worthwhile considering the importance of roof servicing, maintenance and repairs. Our roof repair service can assess your roof to see it is in a good condition and prevent against any possible leaks. Whether you have a leak or just want your roof checked, our team of maintenance plumbers and roofers can help. Our roofing service includes:

  • Carrying out a site visit and thorough inspection of the roof/gutters/downpipes and assess its overall condition
  • Tracing and locating roof leaks
  • Carry out repairs and maintenance to roofs (tin roofs or tiled roofs), gutters, downpipes and stormwater
  • Finding the best matching products to suit your colour schemes/profiles to make sure any repairs also look aesthetically pleasing
  • Provide cost effective recommendations or obligation free quote for maintenance or improvements

Gutter and Downpipe Repairs

Gutters and downpipes are an important part of the water runoff and drainage system for any building. When gutters and downpipes don’t work or leak, you can end up with a build-up of water where it’s not wanted.  We can help with all types of gutter and downpipe repairs. We can source the replacement gutters to match the profile of your existing guttering. This is available in either Zincalume or any Colorbond colour. Downpipes can come in PVC pipe, or metal (Zincalume or Colorbond steel).

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Broken tiles Skylights
Damaged roof sheets Rusted or blocked valley gutters
Rusted roof sheets Poor roof design or installation
Loose or missing roof screws Flashing around vent pipes
Misaligned or broken roof tiles Lack of downpipes for the roof area
Blocked downpipes Blocked gutters

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Our professional gutter cleaning service can clean all types of roofs and gutters along with downpipes and stormwater lines. Living in subtropical Brisbane, it’s common for roofs and gutters to regularly block up with leaves and debris. In this instance, you may wish to sign up to our regular gutter cleaning service. We’ll log reminders and contact you when you’re due for your next roof and gutter clean. Depending on how quickly your roof and gutters block up, we can schedule this for annually, biannually or as required. Our gutter cleaning service will remove all leaves or any foreign objects from all the roofs, gutters, roof valleys and unblock any downpipes then leave the area in a clean and tidy condition.

For leaking roof repairs in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, call the team at Conrad Martens Plumbing on 3878 4444.