Gas Appliance Installation & Repair

Cooktop Installation

Conrad Martens Plumbing’s experienced gas fitters provide professional and affordable gas cooktop installation. We install a wide range of cooktop configurations and brands including Chef, Westinghouse and Miele.

When selecting a gas cooktop, there are a number of important considerations to keep in mind including gas type, ignition style (piezo or electronic), burner configuration and of course cost. Depending on the kitchen layout, it may be necessary to measure the cut-out size of the benchtop and height of the range hood to facilitate a compliant installation.

Once the correct cooktop has been selected, we want to make sure that its installation is seamless. You can be assured that the new installation will be carried out to the highest standard ensuring all safety measures are adhered to. Upon completion, the appliance will be commissioned to ensure it is working safely and you will be issued a gas compliance certificate. This gas compliance certificate is your assurance that the new gas appliance has been installed according to the current gas regulations by a certified gas plumber.

After making your purchase, if you also wish to move the position of your gas appliance, we can assist with that too. Our gas fitter can disconnect and remove the existing gas appliance. They will then run new gas pipework to the new location & create a new gas outlet. The appliance can then be installed with ease in its new position. This same process is also followed when looking to relocate an existing appliance – the gas appliance is removed, the gas pipework is extended and the appliance is installed in the new location.

Same Day Gas Repairs and Installation Across Brisbane

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Freestanding cooker and Oven Repairs

Gas appliance repairs require a wealth of experience to accurately diagnose and rectify. Some of the most common issues which occur are extinguishing burners, ignition problems and uneven flames. Through a wealth of experience, our gas technicians can reliably repair upright stoves, cooktops gas ovens. The most components which we regularly replace include; micro switches, ignition packs, electronic Ignition, piezo igniters, thermocouples, rail cocks, appliance regulators and injectors. All repairs are carried by a licensed gas fitter using Australian standard certified gas components.

Often when gas appliances exceed there ‘working life’ it is often more economical to replace than repair.  Once a preliminary inspection is carried out, we can provide options on replacement vs repair options ensuring the best value solution for your situation. Depending on the age and condition of the appliance, standard service and repairs can be carried out for as little as $150.

For the best price, service and advice in gas repairs and installations, contact Conrad Martens Plumbing on 3878 4444.

Our Pick:  Gas Upright Cooker Installation

chef cfg503wa 1

Model Chef
CFG503WB, CFG517wb
Type Upright Cooker
Size 54cm
Ignition Pizo/ Electric
Components Burner, Oven, Grill
Warranty 2 Years
Gas Type Natural or LPG

Our Pick:  Cooktop Installation

Westinghouse WHG644SA

Model Westinghouse
Type Gas Cooktop
Size 50cm
Ignition Electric
Burners 4
Warranty 2 Years
Gas Type Natural or LPG

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