Brisbane’s Burst Pipe and Leak Detection 

Water Leak and Burst Pipe Emergency Service

Burst pipes often occur unexpectedly and without warning. Our tradesman are on call to provide a rapid response for water leaks across Brisbane and surrounding areas. We repair copper, galvanised, poly and pex pipework in exposed and concealed locations.  In order to provide the most efficient service possible, our plumbers carry a range of replacement parts and fittings on board.

Here at Conrad Martens Plumbing Service, we strive to provide the best Price, Service and Advice possible. Our experienced plumbers and leak detection specialists provide prompt and affordable service backed up with a workmanship guarantee. Our workflow is geared towards providing a fast response time for water leaks and emergency work. Whether you need a temporary water service, to repair an existing service or to bypass a damaged sections of pipework, call us for an efficient solution now!

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Water Leak Leak Detection Brisbane Emergency Service
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Brisbane Water Leak Detection

Leak detection is a non-invasive method of locating a burst pipe or water leak in a concealed area. If you are experiencing a high water meter reading, wet patches or seepage issues, you may have a concealed leak. Using state of the art monitoring gear, and drawing from a wealth of experience in the field, our specialised unit can accurately diagnose and rectify leaking water services.

The water leak detection process involves pressurising the supply lines to force air bubbles through the faulty section of pipework. With the use of the sophisticated sounding equipment, these air bubbles can then be monitored to detect the location of the problem accurately. This process allows us to detect concealed leaks inside concrete, behind walls and inside service ducts.

For more information, or to book an inspection, call our friendly team on 3878 4444.

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