Gas Storage Hot Water System Brisbane

Gas storage hot water systems are responsible for a quarter of Australia’s water heating needs.  Their simple but reliable design are suited to a wide variety of applications including domestic, body corporate and commercial. Due to their impressive recovery rates, storage tanks are a great option for high-demand hot water applications.

Gas storage hot water heaters heat water via a thermostatically controlled gas burner. The ignition process uses a combination of a piezo igniter,  pilot light and thermocouple flame failure device. High-demand units are often fitted with electronic ignition and heat baffles to help save energy and reduce running costs.  Due to the simplicity of the design, the gas storage hot water systems are both reliable and user-friendly.

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The past 10 years have seen a shift towards energy-efficient water heating technology across Australia. In place of the traditional storage tank design, consumer preference has shifted towards continuous flow, solar and heat pump technologies. In order to stay relevant in a competitive market, modern storage tanks have undergone a significant transformation. Design improvements and an increase in insulation have allowed manufacturers to construct efficient pilot water heaters with 5-star efficiency ratings. In a highly competitive market, gas storage hot water systems still remain a viable option in a range of situations including;

– High-demand applications.
– Locations without a power source.
– Areas with low gas pressure.
Properties with undersized pipework.
– Low flow rate applications.
– Galvanised water services

Here at Conrad Martens Plumbing & Hot Water, we have over 35 years of experience as Brisbane hot water specialists. Our gasfitters and hot water technicians repair, service and install a wide range of water heaters. In our experience, the best domestic storage hot water heaters include the Rheem Stellar, Vulcan Freeloader and Dux Endurance. These units stand out as the most reliable, value-for-money storage heaters on the Australian market.

Standard Configurations:

– Front flued – Aquamax G270, Rheem Stellar 330
– Top flued – Rheem 4 Star, Vulcan Freeloader
– Internal flued – Rheem Internal Gas 135
– Electronic Ignition – Rheem HD265

Fuel type (Brisbane, Australia):

– Natural gas or L.P.G. (propane).

Common Repairs:

– Thermocouple replacement.
– Pilot light adjustment.
– Gas valve replacement.
– Burner service.
– Injector clean.

Typical Gas Storage Hot Water Service:

– To test supply pressure.
– To test operational gas pressure.
– To purge temperature pressure relief and cold water expansion valves.
– To test the operation of thermostat and gas valves.
– To test piezo ignition.
– To measure water flows.
– To test for leaks.

Installation (Brisbane, Australia):

Due to a tightening of gas compliance requirements, many replacement installations now require relocation. A hot water system gas flue must be positioned outdoors and achieve minimum clearances from windows, doors and walls. On completion, a gas compliance plate and certificate must be issued. Form 4’s are another safeguard implemented by the Queensland state government to reduce the amount of incorrect installations. Hot water tanks must be installed on a solid, impervious base and be fitted with a compliant drain line.  These installation requirements are subject to inspection and necessary to authorise manufactures warranty of a water heater.

Safety and compliance:

Gas storage hot water systems often have an adjustable thermostat. It is imperative that the temperature control device always remains above 60 degrees to prevent the growth of bacteria. In order to comply with Australian Standards, all bathrooms must be tempered to 50 degrees in order to prevent scalding. This can be achieved using a tempering or thermostatic mixing valve.

Following a number of safety incidents with  L.P.G. storage water heaters, a number of popular units have recently been recalled. These units include the Rheem Stellar and Aquamax 270. Unfortunately, this has created a void in efficient L.P.G. storage water heaters on the market.

Relighting a hot water system can be carried out based on the manufacturer’s instructions. A detailed explanation can be inside the removal panel at the base of the unit. If the hot water system does not light according to the instructions provided contact a licenced gas fitter immediately. Never attempt to light a hot water system without referring to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

For more information on continuous flow hot water, or instant gas units please click here.


Rheem  – 4 Star and 5 Star Gas
Model 347090 350265 350295
Tank capacity (Litres) 90 130 160
First Hour Delivery (Litres) 190 275 305
Gas types Natural Gas
Efficiency 4 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
Warranty Cylinder 7 years

Rheem – Stellar Stainless Steel
Model 850330 850360
Tank capacity (Litres) 130 160
First Hour Delivery (Litres) 330 360
Gas types Natural Gas
Efficiency 5 Stars
Warranty Cylinder 10 years
Aquamax hot water systems Brisbane

Model G270 SS G340 SS G390 SS
Tank capacity (Litres) 130 155 155
1st hour delivery (Litres) 270 340 390
Gas types Natural Gas
Efficiency 5 Stars
Warranty Cylinder 10 years

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