Discover the New Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems:

Offering a 12-Year Warranty and Advanced Features

Rheem, Australia’s favourite hot water brand, has released their 491 and 492 series of electric hot water systems. They’re new and improved versions of the existing 250-400 litre 191 series models offering a variety of features designed to extend their lifespan. To back this up, they now have a 12-year cylinder warranty. This is the longest electric Brisbane hot water systems warranty Australia-wide. With longevity in mind, they re-engineered the series to withstand many years of operation.

Rheem 491 series.

Rheem Electric Hot Water System 491-492 series features:

  • Commercial grade enamel – their special blend of enamel coating that lines the cylinder is more durable and will therefore prolong the life of the water heater
  • Larger sacrificial anode – increase in the diameter of the anode to protect the cylinder for longer against water borne contaminants. The anodes have also been installed within an anode support to support the increased weight of the anode & prevent it from moving within the tank. This will prevent damage during transportation and installation
  • Twin element models available (492 series) for high demand hot water use
  • Large capacity models – connect to an off-peak overnight electricity tariff e.g. tariff 31 to reduce ongoing running costs.
  • Dual handed fittings – this provides flexibility for installation to suit a variety of pipework configurations
  • Improved aesthetic design – cleaner new appearance with reduced labelling
  • *12-year warranty on the cylinder

*Warranty (domestic only): 12 years on cylinder. 1 year labour on cylinder, 1 year parts & labour warranty on all other components.

Rheem Hot Water Specialist:

Conrad Martens Plumbing & Hot Water has maintained a strong relationship with Rheem for many years. We have been recognised as a Rheem Hot Water Specialist due to our ongoing loyalty and Rheem training. As a Rheem preferred plumber, we receive ongoing training and support and can provide exclusive deals on Rheem products.

Hot Water Service:

Fully licensed and insured hot water specialists to service, install, relocate and repair your hot water system. Dedicated hot water service vehicles fully equipped to carry out this specialised field of work.  We are committed to providing a high level of ongoing training for our plumbers and apprentices. This ensures we keep up-to-date with all the latest hot water innovations and in turn ensures that you as the customer are provided with the best service and advice.  In addition, our emergency after hours hot water service is always contactable for any hot water emergency situations.

For more information on different types of hot water heaters see our Hot Water page. If you’d like to discuss your options or need further assistance please give us a call on (07) 3878 4444.

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