Saxon Heat Exchange Hot Water Heaters

Heat Exchange are a popular style of water heater, popularised by their suitability to Brisbane’s climate and their minimal installation requirements. Saxon (Peter Sachs Industries) was a hot water system manufacturer established back in 1897. They were a Queensland-based Australian company and their products immediately became very popular due to their quality and competitive pricing structure. Their Copperflow coil type heat exchange hot water systems were simple to install, easy to maintain and didn’t require numerous valves and ongoing maintenance (other than topping up the unit). Unfortunately, Saxon fell into liquidation in 2011

saxon hot water
Saxon hot water systems logo.

Maintenance for Saxon hot water systems

The only general maintenance required for Saxon Copperflow/Truflow hot water systems was to top up the water level in the tank. We would recommend this be carried out quarterly to prevent a reduction in the hot water supply.

How do I top up my Saxon hot water system?

Topping up is a simple process that anyone can carry out – no skill required

-Pull & hold up the lever on the side of the HPNR valve (High Pressure Expansion Non-Return)

-Allow the water level in the hot water system to fill internally. You will know the tank is full when water starts running from the overflow pipe

-Release the lever on the HPNR valve.

Fault finding for Saxon hot water systems

If your Saxon hot water system is leaking from the overflow there are two common causes for this problem. It may be either a problem with the HPNR valve or a pin hole in the internal copper coil. Replacement of the HPNR valve is generally the easiest and most common way to distinguish between these two issues. If the leak is not rectified by replacing the valve, the internal coil will have a pin hole. Unfortunately, a pin hole in the coil cannot be repaired and the only solution is to replace the hot water system.

Replacing your Saxon hot water system

As Saxon hot water systems are no longer available, a comparable alternative to their 140 litre system would be to replace it with a 125 litre electric hot water system. It may also be necessary to meet compliance with new plumbing regulations when replacing Saxon hot water systems. Since Saxon ceased trading in 2011 there have been changes to the plumbing regulations and it may be necessary to accommodate for additions such as the installation of a drain line to the nearest waste.

Peter Sachs Industries ceases trading

“The board of Peter Sachs Industries Pty Ltd (Saxon) wishes to announce that it has appointed Worrells and placed the company into voluntary liquidation on 14 June 2011 and is no longer trading. The Peter Sachs Industries Board believes that this action is a direct result of rapidly declining profitability and the market for its solar water heater products. This has been occasioned by the upsurge of electricity generating photovoltaic electric solar panels and the declining value of Renewable Energy Certificates now known as STC’s. Effectively immediately MPAQ is unable to accept Saxon Rebate Vouchers from members for payment of their MPAQ account.”

Sourced from Master Plumbers Association of Qld magazine July 2011.

Clearance and Hot Water System Dimensions:

Selecting a hot water system with the right dimensions is critical. Since the introduction of Minimum Energy Performance (MEPS), manufacturers have notably increased the amount of insulation used in hot water tanks. While improving the thermal efficiency, this insulation has also increased the overall dimensions of hot water units. Before selecting a replacement hot water unit, it is essential to double-check the clearance. If you have a space restriction, you may want to consider a compact unit such as the Rheem 45L (191045), Dux Proflo 50L or the Aquamax Squat 160L (9W1160).

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Heat Exchange Water Heaters

Saxon hot water heater 1
Saxon hot water system unit.

Model Saxon Truflow & Copper Flow
140L, 180L
Type Heat Exchange
Construction Copper
Element Size 2.4kw
Pre-set temperature 60 – 70 degrees
Warranty N/A
Location Indoor or Outdoor

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